After complete The cycle You will get
1 new Position On level CBW - 1

Crypto Bit World SuperFast plan

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LevelReferralsDonationTotal Profit On Cycle Auto Upgrade
CBW : 120.0025 Ƀ 0.005 Ƀ - Ƀ 0.004 Ƀ
CBW : 230.004 Ƀ 0.012 Ƀ 0.0025 Ƀ 0.009 Ƀ
CBW : 330.009 Ƀ 0.027 Ƀ 0.0175 Ƀ -

Total Profit

0.02 Ƀ


After complete The cycle You will get
1 new Position On level CBW - 1 & 1 new Position On level CBW ROCKET - 1

Minimum Deposit 0.0025 Ƀ Minimum withdraw 0.0025 Ƀ

CoinPayments Fees. : Due to their architecture some coins have to be moved on the blockchain even for To Balance mode and the TX fee is deducted from those payments. We currently subsidize Bitcoin withdrawals so you pay a flat TX fee of 0.00070000 instead of the full TX fee.

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After complete The cycle You will get
4 new Position On level CBW - 1 & 2 new Position On level CBW ROCKET - 1
There is no time limit to make referrals. the member should active in groups Unpaid members can also earn with referring others and for withdraw they should purchase at list 1 position

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